About me


Before launching a career as a full-time translator in 2015, I taught German language, literature and translation at Indiana University Bloomington and New College, Oxford. My research and teaching focused on eighteenth-century German literature and intellectual history. During my postgraduate studies I worked as a part-time freelance translator.

I hold an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Literatures. As a Ph.D. Minor, I completed the requirements towards a Certificate in Translation, including modules in translation theory and an translation internship at the prestigious Lilly Library. From 2011, I designed and taught praxis-oriented undergraduate translation modules at the University of Oxford.

I hold an undergraduate degree in International Political Economy, then a combination of International Relations and Economics. I maintain an active interest in fields related to economics.


I am a Hungarian native speaker. As many of my compatriots, I have a special attachment to and pride in my language (see Ádám Nádasdy’s excellent article on the subject). I spent the majority of the last eighteen years abroad, mainly in the English-speaking world (primarily North America and Great Britain) and Germany and invested a great deal of energy in perfecting my language skills.  Ever since I was a child, languages – in particular the English language – have been my passion. Since moving to the UK, I became fluent in varieties of English as spoken in both North America and Great Britain.