Certified translation FAQ

I need a certified translation and I would like a quote.

Okay, call me or send me your documents and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

Wait, what is certified translation and do I really need it?

A certified translation requires that a copy of the original document and the translation are accompanied by a certified translator’s signed statement that the translation is complete and accurate. As such, certified translation will often include a header that states the source and target languages (for instance, translation from German into Hungarian). Certified translation of official documents such as birth certificates, personal identification, driver’s license etc. is required by most government offices and agencies, so that original official documents can be read.

Okay, I need it. How long will it take?

It depends on the volume and my workload. Typically, I can turn around a 1-2 page document within 48 hours; sooner, if …

I actually need the translation tomorrow, is that possible?

Let’s talk about it. Call me!

Do I need a translator who is certified in Germany?

Yes, if you are submitting your documents to any German government agency. Certified translators prepared by certified translators in Germany will typically be accepted in other EU-countries. With regards to Hungary (which constitutes a special case) or other countries, please get in touch with me.

Do you need to have the documents in original and how do I get them to you?

Not necessarily. It is, of course, ideal for me to work with the original, but if it is not possible for us to meet, you photograph or scan your document and send it to my e-mail address (kingpin@yellowbird-translations.com) as an attachment.

I can only send you an electronic copy of the original document.

That’s fine, but I need an electronic copy of your files either in a picture format (jpg etc.) or ideally, .pdf format. Since certified translations must include all text and image elements (including watermarks) of the original document, it is essential that all parts are easily readable in the electronic copy – and that all parts are THERE.  I will not start your translation until I received a readable electronic copy of the complete document.

Can I receive the certified translation via e-mail?

No. The certified translation will be sent to you by post or you can pick it up. I am also happy to meet you in Berlin at a meeting point convenient for both of us.

I need the certified translation for several purposes. Can I order more than one copy?

Of course. I charge 2.50 Euros for each additional copy, which about covers the material cost and the time of preparing the certified translation.

I ordered a certified translation from you – but it’s been years since! Can I still have a copy?

Yes. I save a copy of each translation I prepared. However, as it takes me longer to retrieve and update the file if necessary, the copy will cost 12.50 Euros.